Top 10 Tuesday – Authors I Want to Meet

I’ve seen this meme around the blog-o-sphere lately and this week I just couldn’t resist.  Please visit The Broke and the Bookish blog for details on how to participate.

I’m going to break my group into dinner party groups and you’re invited! First…

Fantasy Writers “No Stew for You!” Dinner

I have to admit that the majority of my ten authors fall into this category. I have become a big Fantasy reader in the last few years so this is where we are.

Drinks: Craft Beers, Apricot Brandy

Dinner: Garlic and herb crusted Capon (ask George), corn chowder, baked acorn squash, roasted chestnuts, crunchy sourdough loaves,  honey butter, raspberry preserves

Dessert: Lemon cakes, turkish delight, honey cakes

Guests of Honor:

robin  george brandon





Robin Hobb, George R. R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson

rothfuss charlie rowling

Patrick Rothfuss, Charlie N. Holmberg, J.K. Rowling

Admit it, you want to be my plus-one for this right? If you’ll help me wash dishes afterward you’re totally invited!

“Phenomenal Women” Lunch

We all want to sit around a table and jaw with these great literary women amirite?

Drinks: Mimosas & Margaritas

Lunch: Lobster salad, quiche lorraine, croissant,

Dessert: Carmelized pear, brie and honey tartine

(ok I’m not so good with a lunch menu)

Guests of Honor:

lisa see pic amy

Lisa See, Amy Tan,

diane margaret

Diane Ackerman, Margaret Atwood

What a great lunch that would be. The wealth of life experience and insight that these women put into their books. I would love to be there just to listen in.

Well that’s my first try at Top 10 Tuesday. I hope you had fun. I know I did!


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday – Authors I Want to Meet

  1. Ms. Tan was the first author I remember reading where she had a lot of imagery in her words, where people didn’t speak plainly but you got the gist of the emotion by just absorbing. I got to love reading more (and yes, “The Joy Luck Club” was the beginning.

    Sadly, I haven’t read more of her stuff yet, though it’s been on my buy list for quite some time. I need to win the lotto so I can get the rest (hee hee)

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