Book Review

April 2020 – Wrap Up

Well it’s been a month hasn’t it. Or was it a year? Time feels simultaneously dragging and careening out of control lately! But here I am with a recap of what I’ve been reading for the month of April. There aren’t very many books, but since I cancelled my classes for the semester I have… Continue reading April 2020 – Wrap Up



Classic Remarks – Rochester & Jane – MFEO?

Classic Remarks is meme hosted at Pages Unbound that asks questions every Friday about classic literature in hopes of starting a conversation.    This week’s prompt is: Is Jane Eyre‘s Rochester an attractive, brooding Love Interest or Dangerously Manipulative? This post has spoilers for Jane Eyre and assumes some knowledge of the plot! Jane & Rochester Sitting in a tree… Continue reading Classic Remarks – Rochester & Jane – MFEO?