The Reading Quest – Update 1

#TheReadingQuest is being hosted by Aentee at Read At Midnight and it is adorably fabulous! I’m a big fantasy reader, and I love video games like Final Fantasy so this is just perfect! The Quest runs from Sunday, August 13 to Sunday, September 10th. You have until August 13, to enter so if you’re interested,… Continue reading The Reading Quest – Update 1



Fall Bookish Bingo – Update

I’m not making enough progress! I’ve been doing this Bingo thing for two weeks and I’m not finished yet!!! Please visit Pretty Deadly Blog to sign up if you’re interested. Ok, I realize I’m being unreasonable. Overachieving much? It doesn’t end until December, so I’ve got plenty of time.  Maybe it’s just because I am… Continue reading Fall Bookish Bingo – Update