Get to Know Me Tag

Thanks to Lois from Lois Reads Books blog for another fun tag. This is a fun silly little tag. It feels like a Friday tag, but it’s Thursday. I’m starting the weekend early I guess. 😀

Vital Stats:

Name: Crystal
Nicknames: Chee Chou
Birthday: July 5th
Star Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Bookkeeper, Office Manager


Hair Colour: It’s supposed to be a really dark brown. But I started going gray in my mid-20’s. Yay genetics! So I have to dye it dark brown now.
Hair Length: Super short! I have a pixie haircut, it suits me and I don’t have to think about hair at all which is how I like it.
Eye Colour: Hazel
Best Feature: I think it’s my eyes.
Braces: I should have gotten them but I never did.
Piercings: I tried to get my ears pierced twice, but they closed up too fast both times. So I’ve given up.
Tattoos: No thanks.
Right or Left: Right handed.


Real Holiday: Road trip to San Luis Obispo/Morro Bay from Los Angeles. Not very far but so much fun! Here is where we stayed, The Apple Farm Inn. I took the kids there last year for a road trip. It’s so nice and relaxing!

apple farm morro bay

Best Friend: My mom. Hands down. Without her I couldn’t be half the mom I am.
Award: I won the Herb Alpert Music Award in high school for singing. I also won a couple of talent shows. I took my sisters to Disneyland with the money. lol
Sport: Ugh. None for me thanks.
Concert: My first concert was Natalie Merchant. My second was the Final Fantasy In Concert with Nobuo Uematsu, it was awesome!


TV Show(s): Parks & Recreation, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Last Week Tonight, The Rachel Maddow Show
Colour: Dark green.
Song: This changes all the time: but right now it’s Manchester by Kishi Bashi. See below for link to the YouTube video.
Restaurant: Encore Teppan in Diamond Bar, CA – They have a tempura shrimp that literally melts in your mouth!
Shop: I don’t like shopping much. I guess Target, though it’s easy to spend way too much money in there.
Shoes: Whatever feels good.


Feeling: Tired, just waiting for the work day to be over.
Single or Taken: Single, for a long time. Not really looking either.
Eating: Not sure what to get for lunch, I have 2 minutes to figure that out!
Thinking About: Senate hearings about Russian interference in the US Elections … and puppies.
Watching: I’m at work, but I’m listening to the Senate hearings.
Wearing: Black pants, black tank under a red blouse. Gray sweater because it’s freezing in here.


Want Children: I’ve already got two. Plus a dog and a cat. No more vacancies!
Want to be Married: Not sure. It’s definitely not on my radar at the moment.
Careers in Mind: I think I’m pretty much settled in that regard. But I don’t really like the job I do.
Where You Want to Live: I do love California, but it would be nice to be somewhere less crowded than the Los Angeles area.

Do You Believe in:

God: Ugh. I am currently in the middle of an existential crisis about religion. If you have been reading my blog you probably know that already. I’m just taking it one bit at a time, and not putting pressure on myself to figure things out one way or the other right away.
Miracles: Nope. This is one thing I’m quite sure about.
Love at First Sight: No. I think love is much more complicated than that.
Ghosts: No definitely not.
Aliens: It would be awesome if there were!
Soul Mates: I think people can be very well suited for each other, and lucky that they find one another. But I don’t think there is just ONE person out there for you. There are many possibilities.
Heaven: It would be nice.
Hell: No. If there were I’d be pretty disgusted with God over it.
Kissing on the First Date: Kisses are not contracts. So I guess if you feel so inclined why not. However, it does kind of complicate things at a time when it’s important to keep your head on straight. You have to know yourself.
Yourself:  I am gaining confidence in myself, the more I get to know myself.


I tag everyone!! Enjoy the music, the dude is a genius!

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