Book Review

Violeta – Isabel Allende

Book Title: Violeta


Author:  Isabel Allende

Goodreads Link:

Release Date:  1/25/22

Star Rating:

 Disclaimer: I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Isabel Allende has a very unique voice. Her books are always epic in scale but very personal and intimate in character. I’ve been a fan of hers for decades. I think my favorite book of hers would have to be The House of the Spirits but all of her books are head and shoulders above so many other books.

She is also a writer of color, being Chilean-American she writes about people that are rarely featured in mainstream novels. For all of those reasons I wholeheartedly recommend all of her books. I gave this one 3 stars not because it is a bad book, but (maybe unfairly) it doesn’t quite come up to what I feel about her other novels. I know I shouldn’t compare them. I probably should give this more stars. I just had difficulty connecting with the characters and I found the story a little forgettable. Which is surprising when it is placed against a backdrop of such unforgettable events in history. Maybe that’s why I didn’t connect with it, because it didn’t connect with it’s own history. I feel like it glided over some of the events without really interacting with them. Either way, it is definitely worth reading. Ms. Allende is a remarkable artist and deserves to be read.

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