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Sistersong – Lucy Holland

Book Title: Sistersong


Author:  Lucy Holland

Goodreads Link:

Release Date:  10/5/21

Star Rating:

Weird. Intriguing. Dark. I’m not exactly sure how to describe this book. It certainly was interesting.

My sister’s heart broke on the river—and the river took it and bore it away.

In the ancient kingdom of Dumnonia, there is old magic to be found in the whisper of the wind, the roots of the trees, and the curl of the grass. King Cador knew this once, but now the land has turned from him, calling instead to his three children. Riva can cure others, but can’t seem to heal her own deep scars. Keyne battles to be accepted for who he truly is—the king’s son. And Sinne dreams of seeing the world, of finding adventure.

All three fear a life of confinement within the walls of the hold, their people’s last bastion of strength against the invading Saxons. However, change comes on the day ash falls from the sky. It brings with it Myrdhin, meddler and magician. And Tristan, a warrior whose secrets will tear them apart.

Riva, Keyne and Sinne—three siblings entangled in a web of treachery and heartbreak, who must fight to forge their own paths.

Their story will shape the destiny of Britain.
– Goodreads

I know this is based on an old myth but I haven’t been able to find the original story that inspired this book, and that’s too bad because it’s an interesting story. Set at a time when the old pagan ways of life in Britain are on the way out, inexorably bending to the influence of christianity and the domination of non-pagan tribes. Riva, Keyne and Sinne though are still tied to the magic of the land and they will need their magic to live through a coming war.

The book is well written, and while it has a slow start you quickly become invested in the sisters stories. Let me tell you though, the story takes a seriously dark turn about 3/4 through that was simply stunning. It was completely unexpected but still fit in perfectly with the arc of the story line.

Another plus is the inclusion of more than one LGBTQ character, including two transgender people. I’m always happy to see this kind of representation.

If you are a fan of arthurian type legend, sister stories, magic, druids and such you will enjoy this book. The story has weight and meaning and is a good read besides.


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