Book Review

Daughter of the Serpentine – E. E. Knight

Book Title: Daughter of the Serpentine

Series: Dragoneer Academy #2

Author:  E. E. Knight

Goodreads Link: Click here

Release Date:  11/17/20

Star Rating:

 Disclaimer: I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Before we get started, in case you are interested, I also reviewed the first book in this series, Novice Dragoneer … you can find it here.

We start this new book where the last one left off. Ileth is now an Apprentice Dragoneer, which pretty much means having to do a LOT more work. But since her true love is dragons, she is more than willing to lose sleep and expend vast amounts of energy for their benefit. She really does have an admirable work ethic. I’m worn out just reading about it.

As a young dragoneer moves through the ranks of the prestigious Serpentine Academy, her challenges grow greater and her time grows short to draw out a series of deadly threats, in this thrilling coming-of-age fantasy novel.

Sixteen-year-old Ileth is now an Apprentice Dragoneer, with all of the benefits and pitfalls that her elevation in rank entails. But her advancement becomes less certain after a she’s attacked by an unknown enemy, and Ileth begins to suspect that someone deadly may be hiding within the walls of the academy.

Outside of the walls there is a different challenge. The Rari Pirates are strangling the Vale Republic. What they lack in dragon firepower, they make up for in the brutality of their ever-expanding raids, making hostages or slaves of the Republic’s citizens. Surrounded by enemies, Ileth will need to learn what kind of dragoneer she wants to be. And as she makes decisions about her future, Ileth will have the chance to uncover the secrets of her past. Both will irrevocably change the course of her life.
– Goodreads

She is a great character, hard working, principled and sincere. She makes mistakes, but it’s easy to see why she has begun to really attract notice and respect from dragoneers and teachers alike. She’s not afraid … ok scratch that … she does have a healthy amount of fear, especially when thrust into battle, but she is ultimately valorous. There is also a certain young dragon who I REALLY hope ends up paired with her in the end. I really love him.

This book has all the same things I loved about the first one. Adventure, dragons with distinct personality, found family, a good cast of characters and enough intrigue to keep the plot moving forward in new and interesting ways.

I am looking forward to the next book. I think this is a trilogy?? Maybe more? I’ll be reading that’s for sure.

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