Book Review

The Immortal Words – Jeff Wheeler

Book Title: The Immortal Words

Series: The Grave Kingdom #3

Author:  Jeff Wheeler

Goodreads Link: Click here

Release Date:  9/22/20

Star Rating:

 Disclaimer: I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

We have reached the end of another epic fantasy saga from Jeff Wheeler. His books are consistently entertaining, thrilling and fantastical and The Immortal Words is no different.

To defeat an immortal evil, a young warrior must enter the land of the dead in the spellbinding conclusion to Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler’s epic Grave Kingdom trilogy.

As kingdoms fall, brave young warrior Bingmei fights to fulfill a prophecy and save what’s left of the world from the coming darkness. Should she fail, Echion, the diabolical Dragon of Night, and his queen will hold sway over the next thousand years. With Echion comes his unstoppable army of dragons—powerful, vengeful, and under his control.

Accompanied by her loyal friend Quion, Bingmei journeys toward her last hope. It lies among the savage beasts just beyond the ancient Death Wall—an uninhabited realm from which no one has ever returned alive. Bingmei’s mission is to find the phoenix shrine and learn the Immortal Words that will allow her to harness eternal magic. With Echion and his legions in pursuit, Bingmei must choose her words wisely to break Echion’s spell and accept her fate.
– Goodreads

We always knew it would come to this. Bingmei spent much of her life running from the fate that she knew she would have to face in order to save her world. She finally has come to grips with her fate and decided to do whatever was needed to ensure the happiness of her friends and countrymen.

How wonderful that in essence what saves this world is self sacrifice, mercy and love. I have to confess I love a book that I can feel proud of. One that espouses emotions and virtues that I can look up to. I read another series recently, that while it is well regarded, and super hyped, didn’t have anything good to say. It didn’t inspire. I don’t mean everything needs a happy ending, and that there is no point to depictions of suffering, but I find it harder to relate to books that don’t aspire to something more. Maybe it’s because of these times we are living in right now. I feel like what we need is more kindness, love and selflessness, not less.

Anyway, back to the book. While I enjoyed it I did get a little confused in the middle. I’m not sure if that is entirely the books fault. I was thrown for a loop with a plot twist that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around. That might totally change on a re-read. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the continuation of the next Wheeler series.

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Song for this book: Princess of China – Coldplay (featuring Rihanna)

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