Book Review

The Four Profound Weaves – R. B. Lemberg

Book Title: The Four Profound Weaves

Series: Birdverse

Author:  R.B. Lemberg

Goodreads Link: Click here

Release Date:  9/1/20

Star Rating:


 Disclaimer: I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wind: To match one’s body with one’s heart
Sand: To take the bearer where they wish
Song: In praise of the goddess Bird
Bone: To move unheard in the night

The Surun’ do not speak of the master weaver, Benesret, who creates the cloth of bone for assassins in the Great Burri Desert. But Uiziya now seeks her aunt Benesret in order to learn the final weave, although the price for knowledge may be far too dear to pay.

Among the Khana, women travel in caravans to trade, while men remain in the inner quarter as scholars. A nameless man struggles to embody Khana masculinity, after many years of performing the life of a woman, trader, wife, and grandmother.

As the past catches up to the nameless man, he must choose between the life he dreamed of and Uiziya, must discover how to challenge a tyrant, and weave from deaths that matter. – Goodreads

This book is one of a kind. The writing is fascinating, atmospheric, drenched in culture and personality. It feels completely immersive. The writing is utterly beautiful, and the characters are very memorable.

At the moment I am writing this review we are in the middle of yet another needless controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling, and her inability (or actually unwillingness) to understand Trans people and the hardships that they have to endure. Well screw her. This book reminds me of the need to lift up other voices that will serve the Trans community well, and discard the dross of she who must not be named.

We(I) need to pay more attention to artists like R..B. Lemberg who writes about a dazzling group of people with a spectrum of gender identities and sexuality with compassion and appreciation. They, (meaning the author, I am not sure of the correct pronouns) are insightful and understand marginalized people. Particularly in this book, the lives of Trans people. As said in the book, “It is only in stories that change is easily found”, reflects on the fact that change is a process, that is often painful but can bring joy.

I enjoyed this short book (only 192 pages) and feel that I need to read it again in order to really grasp the things the author was trying to convey. I hope you will like it to.


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