Book Review

The Kingdom of Liars by Nick Martell

Kingdom of Liars

Book Title: The Kingdom of Liars

Series: The Legacy of the Mercenary Kings #1

Author:  Nick Martell

Goodreads Link: Click here

Release Date:  6/23/20

Star Rating: 4-stars  –  Lovely historical fiction

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

In this brilliant debut fantasy, a story of secrets, rebellion, and murder are shattering the Hollows, where magic costs memory to use, and only the son of the kingdom’s despised traitor holds the truth.

Michael is branded a traitor as a child because of the murder of the king’s nine-year-old son, by his father David Kingman. Ten years later on Michael lives a hardscrabble life, with his sister Gwen, performing crimes with his friends against minor royals in a weak attempt at striking back at the world that rejects him and his family. – Goodreads

An enjoyable read, epic fantasy by a new author.  It had a nice review by Brandon Sanderson so I definitely was excited to pick this one up.  The book has some nice world building, and an interesting magic system where using magic too frequently leads to amnesia.  However, I made a crucial mistake when I started reading it.  I thought this was a stand alone novel.  This means that I was increasingly disappointed that tantalizing aspects of the book were going unanswered right up to the end.

That’s my fault though, if I’d know that it was going to be part of a series I’d have adjusted my expectations.  For instance, there is this thing about the moon.  It’s imploded for some reason and every once in a while pieces of it fall to the ground.  It’s understood somehow that Michael’s family is responsible for this lunar destruction and I REALLY wanted to know why and how.  Books like The Kingkiller Chronicles and The Fifth Season have whetted my appetite for moon content … however, when it comes to this book any answers about the moon are reserved for another part of the series I’m sure.  Quel dommage.

Characters were pretty interesting.  The main character is a little unreliable, because of plot reasons, and the political intrigue surrounding him was fairly good.  It’s a nice first start for a new fantasy author.




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