Black Authors on my Reading List

It’s been a rough week hasn’t it.  Stressful for everyone but most especially for members  of the Black community.  It felt wrong to try to post book reviews, or memes during this time, so instead I figured I’d do what I could to try to raise up Black voices.

Unfortunately, as you all know, it’s not easy for POC to be published, so this list is woefully short. It is also by no means meant to be exhaustive.  I wanted to share authors/books that I have read, though these also might not be all of them.  I did a Goodreads search of my books list and I’m sure I missed some. I’m adding links to Goodreads pages for the books listed to help you find them easier.

Also because I mostly read fantasy, and fantasy is a predominantly euro-centric field there aren’t as many names here as I had hoped.  Which is a good reminder to me that I need to be actively searching these authors out, and doing what I can to make others aware of them too. We can all do better and have a lot to learn. So it’s a small list, but I love them all, and I hope you will to.

These authors are listed in no particular order, just as they came up on my Goodreads “read books” list.


N.K. Jemison

N.K. Jemisin

One of my favorites. Her fantasy writing is *chef’s kiss*.  Please check out her books:

The Broken Earth Trilogy

The Inheritance Trilogy

How Long ’till Black Future Month



Alice Walker

Her book The Color Purple is a wonder.  She is also the first African-American woman to win a Pulitzer for her novel.

The Color Purple



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Rivers Solomon

A new-to-me author, they are the author of The Deep, a book inspired by the song written by The Clippings with Daveed Diggs. I read it recently and was in awe.  I have them on my list of auto Netgalley searches and I’m hoping to read anything in their backlist.

The Deep




Ta-Nehisi Coates

Mr. Coates is best known for his non-fiction writing but I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of his recent first novel.  It was wonderful. A mix of historical fiction and fantasy.

The Water Dancer




Colson Whitehead

I truly believe that his name will be in the list of greats, and part of the canon of classic novels one day. (If the powers that choose the cannon could get their heads out of their… you know what I mean).  I have his latest novel The Nickel Boys on my library list right now.

The Underground Railroad




P. Djeli Clark

I have his new book Ring Shout on my library list as well!  I was introduced to him through his recent novella which was so well written, I loved every bit of it. I can’t wait to read an entire novel written by him.

The Black God’s Drums




Nnedi Okorafor

I fell in LOVE with her Binti series of novellas.  She has written a character who seems so real and wonderful, I just can’t express enough how much I love her.

Binti Trilogy




Yaa Gyasi

Her book is one of those novels that keeps resurfacing in your mind.  It helps you make sense of so many things about the experiences of Black people in Ghana and America.  I loved it.




Octavia E. Butler

Last on this list but nowhere near least, the mother of modern Afrofuturism and of Black voices in Science Fiction/Fantasy.  Her work is a wonder.  Not to be missed.


Earthseed Duology


As I said, this list is way too short.  I have so many books to read, some on these very authors backlist.  I need to get to work!


cover photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

all other photos from Goodreads




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