Classic Remarks – Favorite Brontë sisters work

Classic Remarks


Classic Remarks is a meme hosted by Pages Unbound.  I love the way their page brings attention to classic books.  I hope to follow along and even though I’m a little late I will try to have something to contribute.  Please visit their site!

Prompt for May 15 Which of the Brontë sisters’ work is your favorite?  Why?



Villette by Charlote Brontë


Bear with me please, because it’s been a minute since I’ve read any of the books by the sisters.  I’ve seen many many many version of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, I’ve ready the Tennant of Wildfell Hall, and such, but it was all a LONG time ago.

Villette is fairly similar to Jane Eyre when you look at the broad strokes.  A young woman is orphaned and becomes a governess, falls in love with the wrong man, but is persistent in her beliefs and is able to make a life for herself.  So why do I like Villette more?

I think it’s because of Lucy Snowe, the main character.  She is not so strong as Jane,  she doubts herself more, feels weaker.  She makes the right decisions because she is a “good girl” sometimes, more than because of an innate courage.  She is a little afraid, and sometimes good fortune happens to her rather than making it happen for herself. Jane is passionate and forceful.  Lucy is not so much.

As someone who, in my teen and 20’s when I first read these books, bemoaned my own perceived lack of courage, my fearfulness, I saw myself as being so small in the company of other larger personalities.  So, I understood Lucy in a more personal way than I did Jane. Jane was someone to aspire to, Lucy was someone to commiserate with.

Anway, those are my thoughts. I really do need to read the book again and see if my older, bolder personality still finds common ground with Lucy. I somehow doubt it.

Song for this post:  Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

I mean of course I had to include this song right?



One thought on “Classic Remarks – Favorite Brontë sisters work

  1. Beautiful post! I love it when we find the right characters for us at the right time in our lives. Perfect.

    I didn’t participate in the last Classic Remarks as I haven’t read any Bronte! Oops. Where do you recommend I start? Is Villette as good a place as any?

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