Book Review

Seven Blades in Black – Sam Sykes

Book Title: Seven Blades in Black

Series:  The Grave of Empires (#1)

Author: Sam Sykes

Goodreads Link: Click here

Release Date:  4/09/19

Star Rating: –  *chefs kiss*

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Sal the Cacophony.  Probably the best character name I’ve heard in a long time. She is a loud, hot, mess of an individual and cacophony suits her to a tee (though the name doesn’t just refer to her as a person, ooh mini spoiler.) Sal is a woman on a mission of vengeance. She strides across the desert with an angry gun on her hip, looking for the wizards who tried to kill her, hoping to return the favor. Sal is a woman who will surely level a town shortly after walking in.  When you see her on the street, you don’t run away, you lie down and pray that your impending death will not hurt as much as you think … (sigh) … as you KNOW it will.   

The destruction is not ALL her fault. Sal lives in a world at constant war with itself.  There is always someone trying to blow someone else up …  hopefully not you, but someone.  Her story is gripping, tragic, clever, funny and fantastic.  She rides around on a giant chicken/ostrich type bird named Congeniality and I love that nasty, grumpy, smelly thing.

She is the epitome of the strong, female badass, but is hard to love.  Sal is a woman with a heart, but has lost her way so profoundly that caring about her is practically a terminal disease.  You might not die from it, but you will be hurt.  Sal is tough and tender-hearted at the same time.  She is bi-sexual and her fashion choices are gender non-conforming in a world where that doesn’t seem to make any waves whatsoever and that’s just fabulous. 

In short, she is someone you have to meet.  Written as an homage to Final Fantasy games it also made me think of the anime, Trigun.  At once violent, crazy, entertaining and a little demented.  Thoroughly enjoyable! I was a little confused through the first part of the book, but once I slowed down and put a little effort into understanding the back and forth time jump of the setting it got easier.  After a while, I realized just how much I was enjoying myself in this story and I really look forward to new installments in the series. 

Song for this book: Devil’s Got a Gun – Whitehorse

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