Book Review

Deep Magic – Spring 2018


Book Title: Deep Magic

Series: e-Zine

Author: Anthology

Cover Artwork: Andy Simmons

Amazon Link: Click here

Deep Magic Spring 2018


DEEP MAGIC is a bi-monthly electronic magazine that publishes clean short fiction in the fantasy and science fiction genres (epic, paranormal, steampunk, etc). Our issues are also filled with author interviews, art features, book reviews and tips for writers.


Full disclosure … I’ve been a fan of Deep Magic for a long time now, but a few months ago I had the great good fortune to be accepted as one of it’s “First Readers”. This just means that I get to go through the hundreds of emailed short stories submitted to publication. I get first chance (in concert with some other wonderful First Readers!) to weed through for the best stories which then are passed on to the magazines Editorial Board. They choose which stories are then published.  It has been a TON of fun and I’ve been able to read so many great stories!

Having been a fan for so long I’d love to share the issues with all of you through a review. I will post a list of the stories in this particular issue, along with a very brief description/review.


Murmurs by Micah Hyatt

(Science Fiction)

A story about two families who are tied to the same donated heart. A fascinating story.

Hanging Trees by Christoph Weber

(Science Fiction)

I’m so excited about this one because I was one of the people who first approved it to be passed up the chain. I’m the auntie for this little bundle and I’m so excited … please read it, it’s my favorite (literary) neice!

A young girl on a strange planet finds mysterious glowing trees hanging deep inside a cavern. What she finds with have a deep impact on their growing civilization.

Vanya and the Rusalka by Christopher Baxter


Reminiscent of a folk tale an unimpressive young man finds himself on a journey to save a fox who has been taken prisoner by a Rusalka. Fans of Uprooted & The Bear and the Nightingale will probably really enjoy this one. I know I did.

Dragon Bond by T.E. Bradford


I really enjoyed reading about the main character in this story. A young girl hears a mysterious voice in her head. Should she listen to her new friend or continue obeying her domineering family?

The Ten Suns by Ken Liu

(Science Fiction)

Ken Liu is a well known author, as well as translator for award winning Chinese novels. He brings his excellent skills to bear in this story about a civilization on the decline on a planet with rapidly diminishing resources. I especially loved the cultural references that make you realize, there’s more than first meets the eye about this world.


The Plastic Magician by C.N. Holmberg


If you follow my blog you’re recognize this book … I just reviewed it! If it sounded interesting to you, then pick up Deep Magic for an excerpt. You already know I love it.


Wizard for Hire by Obert Skye


I’m buying this. I read the excerpt and it’s a done deal. I’m not really sure what’s going on … there’s a kid … he gets abandoned when his parents are abducted … there’s a solar powered bird who moves and talks … and a wizard.  I have no idea but I really was drawn in by what was included.



As you can see I love this e-zine. I love the stories and I’m excited to share them with you.

I will be posting a giveaway very soon. I really want to give others a chance to read this magazine and see what’s so great about it. Please look for that post in the VERY near future!

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