Top 5 Wednesday – Nostalgic Book Boyfriends

Welcome back to Top 5 Wednesday.  This is a meme started in November of 2013 and is still going strong! If you’re interested in being a part of it please see the group on Goodreads.

This week’s topic is Nostalgic Book Boyfriends

In other words, book boyfriends I had when I was a kid.

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Christopher Robin – Winnie the Pooh

He was my first book boyfriend. Maybe it was the accent. Maybe it was the crowd he hung out with. I mean Pooh and I were already good friends, so it only made sense for me to be into his bestie. MFEO Christopher. You complete me!

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Sherlock Holmes – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

This would be a bad boyfriend IRL. I mean could you pick a worse guy to be with? Apparently not. Sherlock has been my bad book boyfriend for more years than I could count. We’ve been seeing each other since I was a teenager, but this relationship is going nowhere. I just can’t quit him.

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Alec Ramsey – The Black Stallion

I have to come clean here. My 10 year old self really wasn’t as much into Alec Ramsey as I was into the Black Stallion. I was horse crazy. I read ALL the books and I didn’t so much like Alec as I wanted to be Alec.

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Dickon Sowerby – The Secret Garden

What’s better than an English accent? A northern English accent. Plus the kid is good with plants and animals. He’s a sweet boy and oh he’s just adorable. No shame here. Dickon is wonderful.

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han solo

Han SoloStar Wars

I don’t really need to explain this one do I? The heart wants what it wants.

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Well that was quick and fun. I’m going to leave you with a clip from the Broadway Production of The Secret Garden Musical, mostly  because Dickon is in it, and it’s lovely. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Nostalgic Book Boyfriends

    1. Excellent post! I love seeing so many classic books in there. I totally agree about Rochester. I considered him for this post but then I thought hmmm I’m more in love with Jane than I ever would be with Rochester. Lol it’s like when your best friend dates a guy you don’t like but you just grin and bear it.

      1. I like him with Jane though. I always cheer a bit at “Reader, I married him”. But there’s always a sort of a “better you than me” feeling too!! It’s just that I personally would have a LOT of trouble trusting the guy after that!

      2. Yes exactly. I think he learned a lot by the time she came back. I also don’t discount the stuff he had to deal with before Jane. But Jane is a better girl than I. I’d have the same problem as you.

      3. I agree. I can sympathize with him, and I do think he’d learned so I can be sort of optimistic about their future. But it always ruled him out as an “official” book boyfriend for me.

  1. I love this list. Christopher Robin? Yes, please! I was a bit young to think of him as a boyfriend– but I did always want to be his best friend. Then I could go to the Hundred-Acre Wood and hang out with the gang!

    I’ve never read Black Stallion. I appreciate your honesty about loving the horse more than the boy, though. That happens more often than I’d care to admit. 😉

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