Cake Flavored Book Tag

I have a confession to make. I stole this book tag. Well, technically I did ask Kris at Boston Book Reader  if I could, so at worst I’m only a borrower. (ha!) This is just too good to resist. Please visit her blog if you get a chance.

This is going to be so good! I love baking so much! Where I can I will add a recipe I’ve made before.

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CHOCOLATE CAKE – A dark book you absolutely love

The Road by Cormac McCarthy – The darkest of dark books. A man facing the end of the world with his young son. It is beyond bleak, but well written.

Black Forest Cake recipe by Natasha’s Kitchen

(Made this for Christmas dinner. It was a big hit!)

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VANILLA CAKE – A light read

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen – My favorite of her novels. I can relate to Eleanor Dashwood. An Austen book is above all else, fluffy and light to me. Perfect vanilla cake!

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red velvet


RED VELVET – A book that gave you mixed emotions

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken – Don’t get me wrong I liked reading this book. It’s good YA dystopia, but by the end of the series I feel like it got mired down in it’s own story. I really am looking forward to the movie though!

Best Southern Red Velvet Cake recipe by Divas Can Cook

(Delicious! Can’t keep it in the house long enough to get stale!)

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CHEESECAKE – A book you would recommend to anyone

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – This book is a classic and beloved for a reason. It is inimitable.

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strawberry coffee cake


COFFEE CAKE – A book you started but never finished


Stilleto by Daniel O’Malley – I fully intend to finish this book. I loved The Rook which was the first in the series. I just keep getting distracted. Plus I don’t have the e-book. I like e-books much more than print.

Strawberry Coffee Cake recipe by The Semi-Sweet Sisters

(this prompt assumes the book is something you didn’t like, or don’t like coffee cake. Who doesn’t like coffee cake??!! This recipe is super easy, but soooo good. It lasted about 1/2 a day on the counter in my kitchen, then it was gone.)

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carrot cake

CARROT CAKE – A book with great writing


The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss – I am in awe of his writing. I have a list of four favorite books of all time that hasn’t changed in 20 years. When I read his book, I added it to the list, which is now 5. I don’t make that decision lightly.

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TIRAMISU – A book that left you wanting more

Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb – I never want to leave this world. I didn’t want to get to the end of this story, but it had to happen eventually. Please write more books in this world, Ms. Hobb!!

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CUPCAKES – A series with 4+ books


Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson – So far there are 6 books in this series. I really hope we keep getting more and more. I know there is one scheduled for next year, and Mr. Sanderson is so reliable, I’m excited! This is one of the few series I collect physical copies of.

Cupcakes recipe by Betty Crocker

(I don’t really have a special recipe for this. I usually just do boxed cake mix and frost them with pudding. I know that sounds weird, but it’s really good and also since I’m diabetic it’s easy to use all sugar free mixes.)

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pineapple fruit cake


FRUIT CAKE – A book that wasn’t what you anticipated


A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin – I heard about the tv show first, but didn’t watch it. I wanted to read the book first to see what all the hype was about. Holy cow, this thing is … it’s mind blowing! I’d never read anything like it. I still like it more than the show.

Pineapple & Macadamia Nut Fruitcake by Swiss Colony

(This isn’t a recipe, but a friend got it once and i was able to taste a piece. WOW. This is so good, not what you think a fruitcake is supposed to be like. Look it up sometime!)

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Well that’s all. I hope it was enjoyable and that you like the recipes! I really have tried all the ones I included in my post. They all got a big thumbs up!

I don’t know who to tag for this. Let me throw a couple of names out there…

Claire with Art & Soul – this looks right up her alley

Lois with Lois Reads Books – she is always up for a good book tag

The Captain with The Captain’s Quarters – just go easy on the rum alright! Arghh!

If anyone wants to take it – consider yourselves tagged!!



8 thoughts on “Cake Flavored Book Tag

  1. OMG this tag 😍😍😍 It made me so hungry and craving cake!! I’m also super curious about the fantasy books you mentioned, since I have them all on my TBR.
    So glad to hear ASOIAF blew your mind! I love the show but have yet to try reading the source material… (I own the whole series so I have absolutely no excuse other than laziness 😕)
    Great post, Crystal!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I put myself into a baking spiral with that post and now I’m looking up recipes on Pinterest for the rest of the afternoon lol.

      ASOIAF & Name of the Wind both blew me away for much the same reason. They both are not like the usual fantasy book. I hope you like them.

  2. This is a super fun tag! I really love the addition of the recipes. PARTICULARLY the coffee cake one! I *adore* coffee cake! How could people not like it?!

    I completely agree with you about The Darkest Minds. I felt the same way about it. And, confession, I’ve never read Jane Eyre! I had best get on that. 😀

  3. I love baking (and eating what I make) and I love reading, so this is the perfect tag! It made me so hungry though 😋 Great answers and thanks for (sort of) tagging me, I will definitely do this tag at some point or another!

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