Who will win the Game of Thrones?

As we all have been told…

When you play the Game of Thrones you win, or you DIE!

So who will die? Who will live? Who will finally take possession of the Iron Throne?

In this post, I’m going to put forth my picks for who lives and what parts they will have to play in post-winter Westeros. None of these things will probably come true. Most of my picks will probably eat it big time (or be eaten lol) before the end of the show, but here’s what I would like to see happen. This list is also not comprehensive, meaning I’m leaving some people off when I don’t know where to put them. (I’m looking at you Dany!)

(disclaimer: this is sort of spoiler heavy so be warned)

line clipart

King of the Iron Throne

jon snow

Jon Targar.. uh … Snow! I’m pinning all my hopes on this one. He’s Azor Ahai in my book. I know, I know. Yay feminism! I should be rooting for Dany right? Nah. I’ve never liked her all that much, and besides he is 100% the legitimate heir to the throne.

He’s going to die isn’t he.

G-d Dammit.

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Hand of the King



Tyrion Targar.. uh … Lannister! He’s perfect for the job. He did a really good job of it for Joffrey, even though it wasn’t appreciated. Jon will need it, he’s not exactly politically savvy.

line clipart

Small Council Seats



Grand Maester Sam– We all know Sam is right for this job.


Master of Ships Yara – Pretty much a given, right?


Master of Whispers Varys – Who else. I mean … seriously … who else?


Master of Coin – Lady Olenna – The richest woman in Westeros didn’t get that way by being stupid about money right?


Master of Laws – Sansa – I’m giving her a shot here, she’s got a firm moral compass. She’s no dummy and I think she is very capable.

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Lord Commander – Brienne – Hell YES!!! This would be the best thing ever!!


Arya – Need someone killed on the quiet, Jon? Who’s your girl?


Meera – Every army needs ranged fighters. Plus she’s hella strong. I mean she dragged Bran all the way to The Wall, and he’s a big boy!


Jorah – I originally wanted an all female Kingsguard, but so many characters are dead now. (thanks Cersei) I had to add some men.


Tormund – I don’t know how he will do in a city environment. But he’s a real badass, and this way he gets to be around Brienne all the time! 😍

grey worm

Grey Worm – He’s certainly earned his stripes.


Jaime – Oh Jaime. I wish I knew how to quit you. I have high hopes. Redemption is just a swordstroke away. Please, step into the light!

line clipart



Warden of the North – Lyanna – Who else to keep those Northern Lords in line? I feel sorry for the White Walkers if they ever come back.


Warden of the West – Dolorous Edd – His steadfast loyalty should be rewarded.


Warden of the South – Davos – Here he can help Jon, relax a little, and still be active. This guy could use a break.


Warden of the East – Danaerys – What to do with her? I’m giving her Dragonstone. She can raise more dragons and protect the realm and stuff … oh god … she’s going to hate me.

line clipart

That was actually a lot of fun! I didn’t get too deep into it, and I know none of it is going to actually work out this way. But I liked doing it. Let me know if you disagree. Don’t hit me too hard. (ha!)




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