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The Binding – Laurel Wanrow

Book Title: The Binding

Series: The Luminated Threads #3

Author: Laurel Wanrow

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Star Rating: gold stargold stargold star gold starempty star– Good book!

Disclaimer: I received this book free from the author.

We’ve reached the end, and this third book of the series included everything I like best about the series. In particular, the main character Anmar, her gift of sight and magic, and her friendship with the people of the Basin. Here is the blurb for this last volume:

Annmar Masterson has one chance to foil the scheming industrialist taking over the farmlands—a man who covets her body and the staggering power of her luminated threads. She must leave her proper Victorian upbringing behind and dedicate herself to mastering the threads—the heritage of her blood.

Shapeshifter Daeryn Darkcoat can’t protect Annmar until he faces the spell tying him to old friends and heartbreaking memories, and even then, she won’t hide behind the alpha male who holds her heart.

With or without Daeryn, Annmar faces an impossible choice. If she uses her luminated threads to harm, she loses them…but fighting without the threads will bind her new homeland to a madman.

Mixing witches, shapeshifters and a coming-of-age historical romance in a secret corner of England, THE BINDING delves deeper into the exciting steampunk fantasy world introduced in THE UNRAVELING and THE TWISTING.

Ultimately, for me this series has been about coming into one’s own. It is about learning how to value yourself and acknowledge your own gifts. That’s not always easy. Adolescence is brutal. We all come through it changed. By the time we reach adulthood we will have lost some of our innate confidence. We lose an awareness of just what makes us special. As women, we have also learned to internalize the hard lessons about what is expected of us in this world. Namely, a sweet smile, a submissive spirit, always to be non-threatening, non-challenging.

Anmar start the series with those qualities in abundance. What she has eventually come to learn is conviction and self-reliance. She is no longer cowed by the story’s villain. She meets him on his own ground and goes toe to toe with him, and anyone else who wants to force her into a mold. She is ready to make whatever choices are necessary to fulfill what she comes to understand as her destiny. I like that about her. To a certain degree, her love interest, Daeryn, has to take the same journey. He has to learn to trust the people in his pack again as well as to prioritize the things that are really important to him. Which he does. I like that about him.

The fantasy nerd in me enjoys learning more about the “golden threads” that are tied to Anmar’s power, and the different class systems in this society. I like world building and this world has quite a variety of different “worlds” involved in this society. All with their own system and rules. I’d have liked to spend more time underground, I think they were my favorites, though Daeryn’s group really grew on me by the end of the series. The wolf girls were particularly tough! This series is a pleasant fantasy series, if you like steampunk romance, then this is for you.

Bonus Link: Please see my reviews for the first two books in the series: The Unraveling (book 1) & The Twisting (book 2)

Song for this book: Woodland – The Paper Kites

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