Book Review

Ever the Hunted – Erin Summerill

Book Title: Ever the Hunted

Series: Clash of Kingdoms #1

Author: Erin Summerill

Goodreads Link: Click here


Star Rating: gold stargold stargold stargold stargold star – Excellent new series.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

Britta is a diamond in the rough. She’s been taught well by her bounty hunter father, and is skilled with bow and arrow and survival skills. However, now she is completely on her own. Her father was murdered, her country is on the brink of war and her childhood sweetheart, Cohen, is the prime suspect as her father’s killer. In my opinion, what really makes Britta a gem is not her skills as an archer or tracker, it is the sweetness of her personality. She isn’t jaded, or embittered, although she certainly has good reason to be. She is a sweet girl who loves her father and Cohen. She is loyal and kind-hearted. I like that about her. Plus, she’s got a little magic up her sleeve, even if she hasn’t completely figured it out yet. Unfortunately, at the moment life is really bad for her, and about to get worse.

She doesn’t realize it but there are larger issues looming than just her father’s death. She lives in a country that is having serious problems dealing with it’s immigrant population. A neighboring country is home to a race of women who have magical powers. Of course, ignorance, suspicion, racism and misogyny is fueling violence against those women, and military action is brewing between the two countries. As usual, people in prominent positions have a lot to gain from fomenting distrust and war. If any of this sounds familiar, or relevant in today’s times, I’m quite sure that’s intentional.

Through Britta we will be seeing the effects of the way in which the people in this world are being manipulated. This is the first book in the series and things are just getting started. I’m sure that later entries in the series will dwell more on the violence to come, and it is coming.  This book, however, is a good start to establishing the world, the main characters and what exactly is at stake here. Ever the Hunted is an easy read, and enjoyable. I can see why it’s a popular book and so many bloggers are posting reviews for it.  Looks like the next installment is expected in fall of 2017. Bring it on!

Song for this book: Old Friend by Sea Wolf


3 thoughts on “Ever the Hunted – Erin Summerill

  1. Great review!! I’m so happy to see that you loved this book! I did too and can’t wait for the sequel. It’s just going to be hard waiting a whole year.

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