Guest Post: Why Indigenous Authors of Hawai’i Matter

Please read this VERY interesting post by the bloggers Death by Tsundoku and Reading and Gaming for Justice. Really great thoughts here!

Reading and Gaming for Justice


I want to thank Jackie from Death by Tsundoku blog for researching and writing such a wonderful post for the Native Hawaiian #OwnVoices blog event. Check out her blog at the link above!

When Brendon announced he was going to feature the Indigenous Peoples of Hawai’i for his November posts, I will admit I SQUEE’d hard. indigenious-hawaii-seaLately, I’ve been reading more and more books featuring Hawai’ian natives or set in Hawai’I (The Girl From Everywhere being the most recent), and I knew I hadn’t read a single #OwnVoices Hawai’ian author. This was upsetting. I knew immediately I wanted to be involved in Brendon’s adventure. So, I began my research. After spending hours in my library, talking to research librarians, and scouring the internet I realized a number of things:

  • I was not entirely certain what Brendon’s definition was of “Indigenous Hawai’ian”
  • Based on my own definition, my library only…

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Why Indigenous Authors of Hawai’i Matter

  1. You made my day so much brighter. Thank you for reblogging! I didn’t even realize how under-represented the native peoples of America were until I started researching this post. Educating ourselves to the gap is only the start, however. We need to keep talking about it to ensure something is done!
    🙂 Thanks for being a positive part of the change!

    1. I’ve been so happy to see such interesting posts as yours and other bloggers. When I first started blogging I started to feel like all I was going to get to read was about the latest YA or romance books. Which are great in their place, but I do like hearing reasoned thought about serious things. I’m glad to get to share these posts as widely as I can.

      1. I completely understand. When I started networking with other bloggers, I thought I was alone in my tastes in books and my more formal opinions. But, that’s why we keep networking– so we can find more people with similar inclinations, and also to find people who will push us to be more than we are. 😄

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