Bookmark Monday – Harry Potter Edition

Bookmark Monday is a meme started by Guiltless Reading blog.  Check out her site please!

I’ve been so bad about posting this last week.  It has been a very stressful week IRL. In addition to that, even though I have a long list of ARC’s I need to finish and post reviews for, I fell into a Harry Potter hole.  I can’t read anything else until I finish this! This is my second read-through of the books, and I just started book 7 so the end is nigh. But until then, everything else is on hold.  You guys know what I mean right!

So in the spirit of Harry, I’m posting Harry Potter bookmarks today.  Enjoy!


This first set is the most expensive, but it’s easy to see why. I think I want everything from the Noble Collection catalog as it is. How gorgeous are those!


I really like this set from Vikito Gifts on Etsy.  Particularly because of the Marauder’s Map bookmark. It’s very cool.


Finally, my favorite set.  So cute! I love the characterizations. Please visit the artists deviantart page.

Well hopefully it won’t take to long to get through the Horcrux search so I can get back to reviewing! Have fun people!


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