Book Traveling Thursday – Spooky

Book Traveling Thursdays is a meme I just found on Goodreads. Every week, they post a new subject and you choose a book that fits the theme.  Then, share covers for that book according to the following rules…

  1. Original cover
  2. Cover from your country
  3. Your favorite cover
  4. Your least favorite cover

It looks like a ton of fun!  So let’s start now.

This week’s theme: Spooky Read

Spooky.  Spoooooky. That word looks like it’s not spelled right!

I chose It by Stephen King.  It is hands down the spookiest book I’ve ever read.  I read it a few times when I was a teenager and haven’t since then. A freaky clown is killing children in a quiet Maine town.  This was my first Stephen King book as well. Boy that guy could write some freaky stuff.


Original Cover / Favorite Cover

Maybe because this was the cover I remember from being a teen. I like this one best.  It’s menacing without being outright freaky!







Current Cover – USA

This one is pretty good. Scary but doesn’t reveal too much. Did I tell you I hate clowns?  This one is a little hard to take, but not as bad as the next two…







Chinese Edition

There’s a clown in there right?!  He’s staring at me right. uhhhh This one is giving me the heebie-jeebies. What does the cover say where the words are crossed out? Danger, don’t read if you’re scared of clowns?  Danger, don’t read when alone in the house at night? Danger, don’t read?






Finnish Edition

I saved the worst for last. Good god, he’s right there. Please tell me that they don’t just put this on the shelf where everyone can see it right? That is disturbing.





There were some covers that were even worse than these, but putting them on my blog meant I would have to blow them up large enough to copy the picture. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Ugh this was terrible.  Here’s a cute kitten to bring the universe back into balance. You’re welcome.




3 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday – Spooky

  1. Freaky. I haven’t read IT for good reason.
    Personally, I really like the current USA cover! It’s clean and gives me a good idea of what the book is about, strangely. Kudos to that cover artist! and yes, the Chinese and Finnish ones are of my nightmares.
    But that kitten helps everything. 🙂

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