Anne of Green Gables Read-Along: Ch. 30-38

Pages Unbound has provided discussion questions for chapters 30-38 this week.  The end is nigh!

If you’re interested in being a part of the discussion please hop over to Pages Unbound. You can sign up anytime!


What do you think of Anne’s competitive spirit studying for and then getting into Queen’s?  Were you expecting her to do so well academically?

I thought it was pretty much expected.  She’s exceptionally bright and with the exception of Gilbert I didn’t get the idea she had much competition.

How did you feel about Matthew’s death? Do you think this was foreshadowed?

It wasn’t hard to see it coming.  There were many mentions of his and Marilla’s health growing worse. He always worked so hard as well. That and his heart condition meant bad things were coming.

Did you get the resolution between Anne and Gilbert that you were hoping for?

I did, because she finally figured out that she needed to stop acting like a drama queen. It also showed Gilbert to be a real prince among men.  He easily could have given her the cold shoulder and held a grudge, but at heart he is such a kind person.  I also appreciated how they didn’t just immediately jump into a romantic relationship.  He was just happy to be her friend, though I think it’s obvious to everyone where this is going.

What do you think about the plan to sell Green Gables?

A tragedy, but I can understand why Marilla felt the need to do it.

Overall, how did you like the book?

I loved it again. I can’t wait until my girl is old enough to read it.  She reminds me of Anne-with-an-e so much!

Do you have any plans to read the rest of the stories or more books by Montgomery after this?

I think I’ve already read all the stories, but I’m probably going to re-visit The Blue Castle again.  I remember really loving that story.


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