Anne of Green Gables Read-Along: Chapters 11-20

Pages Unbound has provided discussion questions for chapters 11 to 20 this week.  I’m a little late with my answers, but better late than never right?

If you’re interested in being a part of the discussion please hop over to Pages Unbound. You can sign up anytime!


What do you think of Anne’s confession to Marilla about losing her amethyst broach?

I think what struck me most here is how out of touch Anne is with what behavior Marilla expects from her.  I blame her experiences growing up. When you grow up in an alcoholic environment telling a lie to get out of danger  (not just trouble) can be a learned response to protect yourself.  I know she hasn’t learned much about how to communicate with others, and she seems a little bewildered by the situation and doesn’t grasp how important it is to Marilla until it touches on her party plans. It kind of hurts my heart for Anne. I was impressed that once Marilla saw how her own behavior led to Anne’s false confession she was quick to admit she was wrong and to apologize.

We’re fully introduced to Gilbert Blythe in these chapters.  What do you think of him so far?  Would you have liked being teased or was Anne’s reaction understandable?

I think Gil’s willingness to accept blame, and apologize means a lot.  He teases like an older brother and not like a mean-spirited bully.

How do you think Gilbert and Anne’s relationship will go from here? 

It was pretty obvious to me the first time I read this that they were MFEO (made-for-each-other) . She can’t stop talking about him no matter how she tries to pretend otherwise, and he is obviously very into her. But they are still kids so I’m glad that it didn’t develop quickly.

What do you think of Mrs. Barry’s reaction to Diana coming home drunk?  Who was at fault in the situation?

Mrs. Barry was being a narrow minded jerk. lol

Anne lets her imagination run away with her in the Haunted Wood! What do you think about imagining spooky things into your everyday life. Is this a bad decision?

Life is hard enough already to start imagining more badness into it.  I’ve always like Marilla’s saying about not “borrowing trouble”.

What has been your favorite scene in the book so far?

I love it when she breaks the slate over Gil’s head. Pretty badass. lol

2 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gables Read-Along: Chapters 11-20

  1. I think you make a really good point about children lying to get out of unreasonable consequences. It’s really a testament to Marilla that she can admit that maybe she was a little wrong too for assuming Anne must be guilty and not accepting other answers. I definitely had adults in my life as a child who went overboard with punishments, and even when I knew I”d done something wrong I would go to lengths to hide it just because the consequences were so out of proportion to what I had done.

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