Anne of Green Gables Read-along: Discussion 1

Now that Chapters 1-10 are under our belts the discussion begins!

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How are you liking the book so far?  What has been your favorite part in these first ten chapters?

I have read all of the LM Montgomery books, and I’ve read the Anne books several times, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy it again.  It sure didn’t take long to get back in the groove.  I love the ease of it.  It touches on some serious issues, abandonment, loneliness, child abuse, but Anne’s spunk and the feeling that you just know she’s going to make out ok helps a lot.  Favorite part so far? The conversation between Anne and Matthew in the buggy going home.  It sets her character up so beautifully!

What do you think of Anne’s knack for naming things?  What is your favorite name in the book so far?

She’s just so smart isn’t she.  She has so much scope to her imagination. 😉  I think I’ve always like the White Way of Delight.  It’s both incredibly desciptive and way over the top.

Whose parenting style do you think makes more sense, Marilla’s or Matthew’s?

They work best together.  No one is a perfect parent, but Anne is fortunate because their styles combine to be just what she needs.

In Chapter 9, was Mrs. Lynde or Anne in the wrong?

As the saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right.  Mrs. Lynde is a busybody and she didn’t need to say such awful things.  She uses her reputation as a woman who “speaks her mind” as an excuse to be hateful to other people.  But down in her heart she isn’t a malicious person.  Maybe because I’m a mom, but I would have come down hard on Anne after the way she behaved.  It wasn’t unwarranted, but she does need to learn how to be respectful and control her temper.  Being a mom, I also know that those are lessons that are learned over a long time and with patient help from parents.  I think Marilla did a bang up job dealing with the problem, and we got to see a little more that Marilla is also a kindred spirit at heart, she just doesn’t know it yet.

If you met Anne, what would you think of her? Would you be kindred spirits?

I wish! I wonder if I’d be too mundane for Anne. But I’d love getting into all kinds of trouble with her!



4 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gables Read-along: Discussion 1

  1. Great answers!

    I think you make a good point that Mrs. Lynde uses her reputation as an excuse for her behavior. As if saying “Well, you KNOW I’m brutally honest” somehow means your statements aren’t rude or hurtful. Unfortunately it took Marilla, another adult, to point out her rudeness for her to take it seriously. Anne did overreact and insult her back, but I think it would have been nice if Mrs. Lynde could have understood why Anne was upset in the first place/

    1. What sometimes amazes me is that Mrs. Lynde is so taken aback that anyone might contradict her. At first it seems that maybe she’s just unused to a child talking back, but then when Marilla says “You shouldn’t have twitted her about her looks,” Mrs. Lynde is aghast. She just goes around Avonlea insulting people and they apparently take it! Or, rather, just vent their feelings by talking about her once she’s gone. Maybe they’re actually afraid of her.

      1. I’m not sure how much we see of whether she says rude things about adults TO them the way she thought she could just call Anne ugly to her face. In my experience, people will put with with judgmental gossips because they want all the latest news, even if that means they’re obviously gossiping about you behind your back as well. I guess she does tell Marilla upfront she thinks adopting Anne was a stupid idea, but I’m still not sure how rude she is to people, and not just about them when they’re not around.

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