Would you rather: Bookish edition

I stole fun little questionnaire from the Books In Her Eyes blog.  Please visit her blog. She has some great posts and reviews!

Now onto the questions..

Would you rather…

Read only trilogies or standalones?

  • Trilogy for sure! Nothing worse than reading a really great book, and then it’s over.

Read only male or female authors?

  • I hate “only”. I love female authors, but some of my favorites are men! Well, I guess if I had to I’d say women because I can obviously relate to them better.

Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

  • If I choose Barnes & Noble then does that mean I get a reserved seat and table so I can spend all the time I want?

All books become movies or t.v. shows?

  • I like the idea of a t.v. show because there just isn’t enough time in one movie. But with a t.v. show there is the chance that it will get corrupted because they want to just fill time.

Drop your book in the toilet or watch it fall into a wood chipper?

  • Either way my Kindle is toast right? Lol. I’m going to look at the bright side and say EITHER! Because, then a book shopping trip is in order. 🙂

Read only 1 book a year and remember everything or read 100 books a year and remember nothing?

  • I already have this problem. I read things, and frequently forget them.  I’ve found out that this partly because of my Fibromyalgia.  It makes it hard to remember things sometimes.  This can be a good thing, because I can experience something again for almost the first time! This happens to me with video games all the time.  Kingdom Hearts, I’m looking at you.

Read only the 1st page of a book or only the last page of a book?

  • Last page. I’m probably not going to understand what’s going on anyway so it’s not so bad.

Get locked in a library or locked in a bookstore?

  • Bookstore! I hate it that the libraries I’ve been to mostly have genre I’m not interested in, or they don’t have the newer books available.

Drop your book in a lake or accidentally set it on fire?

  • We love books! Why do we keep destroying them in this scenario?? I’m afraid of fire spreading so I’d say drop it in the lake.

Have the end of a book spoiled or never know what happens?

  • Ending spoiled. I hate when I can’t find out what happens in the end.

Read a book that is missing the middle chapter or read a book that is missing the first and last chapters?

  • I can get along if I miss a little bit of the middle, but miss the setup and climax. Heck no!

Have to start every conversation of your life with a quote from a book OR not be able to remember any quotes from any books but be able to speak normally?

  • I can get along with quoting from books, especially since most people (not being readers) will just think I’m being brilliant and not that I’m quoting something. Sneaky!

Never be allowed to read the last chapter of a book but be able to read as many books as you want OR only be allowed to read one book a year, but be allowed to finish it?

  • I have to go with … (see what I did there)


I tag everyone! I’d love to see your answers!


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