Top 5 Wednesday – Summer Reads

Thanks to the Books In Her Eyes blog for introducing me to a new Goodreads group.  Every Wednesday, they come up with a prompt for a new Top 5 list.  This week the list is Top 5 Summer Reads.

Firstly, what is a Summer Read?  To me it’s something light and fun, not too deep or heavy. Perfect for beach, park or just lounging around reading.  Ok, now that’s out of the way, here’s the list…

eyre affair

1.     The Eyre Affair – Jasper Fforde

What a terrific book and the start to a great series of novels! As a matter of fact, my blog is named for the second book in the series.  It’s a very different London, 1985 than we remember.  A woman named Thursday next, is working as a LiteraTec, a kind of literary detective.  She finds she has the ability to “bookjump” which means she actually climbs INTO Jane Eyre and interacts with the characters.  The book is wonderfully imaginative.  If you are a literature nerd, or a fan of Jane Eyre you’ll love it, though these are not prerequisites to enjoying this book.


2.     Wool – Hugh Howey

Ok, this one isn’t quite light and fun so I’m already breaking my own rules.  But it is addictive!  If you love dystopian books you will love this.  It’s a very short story but is really just the jumping off point for a series you will be hooked on in short order.  Thousands of people are living underground in a giant colony.  They can’t go outside for any reason, and their government only vague answers as to why.  It’s a desperate situation but some are willing to take a risk and find out the truth about what is out there beyond the Silo.


3.     The Beekeeper’s Apprentice – Laurie R. King

Do you like mystery?  Like a good heroine?  This has both in spades.  Oh and it doesn’t hurt to have Sherlock Holmes in the mix. I’ve been a Holmes fan since I was a kid.  I’m very protective of the original stories, and Ms. King gets it right.  Sherlock is an older retired man living in the countryside and meets a young woman with an incredible intellect who makes a worthy apprentice.  You’ll love it!

blue castle

4. The Blue Castle – L.M. Montgomery

Ugh that cover! Yes it’s a little corny, but I loved the book.  It was YA before there was YA.  Valancy Stirling is a young woman who has been told all her life how worthless and unloveable she is.  A tragic circumstance forces her to change her outlook and start to defend herself.  It’s a classic story by the author of Anne of Green Gables.  Yes it’s a little corny, and predictable, but lovable nonetheless.


5. Monster – Naoki Urasawa

How’s that for variety?  If you’ve never read Japanese manga before this is one for the ages.  It’s a graphic novel series about a talented and goodhearted surgeon named Tenma.  One evening he is presented with a dilema, does he use his talents to perform a minor surgery for the local Mayor, in exchange for profit and influence.  Or does he ignore the Mayor’s demands and rescue a gunshot child who will die without his help?  His choice has repercussions he couldn’t forsee.  Would he have made the same choice if he’d known who the child would grow up to be?

Well, I made it through the list!  I hope someone can find a good new book to start.  I tried to include a little of everything in there.  Until next week and another List!



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