Thanks, Mr. Sanderson

Finishing The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss was the worst thing that could happen to my newly created book review blog.  Not in that way! Wise Man’s Fear is a life changer.  Beautiful.  I can’t even bring myself to review the book because … there aren’t words to express how wonderful … I can’t even finish this paragraph for goodness sakes! Ok, moving on.

Once I finished that book I needed something new.  Fantasy.  EPIC fantasy! Someone recommended Brandon Sanderson to me and it started.  I fell into a deep book binge. Twelve books and thousands of pages later and I’ve still not even reached the end of the Cosmere to date.  To top it off, the guys is a writing machine! He constantly churns out new books to add to the list.

As a result, my list of books to review keeps getting longer and longer.  I need to get this under control, but I just can’t quit him.  Not yet!



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