Book Review

Followed by Frost – Charlie N. Holmberg

Book Title: Followed by Frost
Author: Charlie N. Holmberg
Amazon Link: Click here

Disclaimer: I received this free book from NetGalley in exchange for an un-biased review.

Cold and lonely, Followed by Frost’s heroine brought winter to my disgustingly hot California summer. A young woman, Smitha, is the small town beauty. She enjoys making conquests of men, but a bad encounter with one young man has left her cold. Unbearably, unendingly cold. She’s not your usual heroine, to begin with she’s not particularly likeable, but that’s the whole point. Her growth as a person is what propels this story forward. Her journey is a remarkable one. The spell that leaves her cold is unremitting and horrible. I guess when you think of being an ice queen it’s easy to picture Queen Elsa, and then it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. Cold never bothered her anyway. Smitha’s enchantment bring pure suffering. Here the author’s talent with description shines. It’s easy to begin to empathize with her plight. This is a story reminiscent of the old German Fairy tales. Sorcery, danger, true love, and a life lesson in a neat little package. It’s a concise book, which doesn’t seem like it will lead into a series, but instead of disappointing, or leaving you hungry for more you can’t help but feel this one-off is just as it should be.

It’s a good YA book, with everything you could hope for. Magical happenings, the requisite strong female lead, a handsome leading man, nice descriptive locations, and even a couple of very discerning camels thrown in for good measure. (ha!) I was extremely excited to find out I was receiving an advance copy of this book. I’ve read the author’s Paper Magician trilogy, and I had a feeling this would be another good tale. My hopes were well placed. I fully recommend Followed by Frost.

Bonus link: Visit the author’s site here.

Spotify Song for this book: Frozen Charlotte by Natalie Merchant




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